Erik Kristofer Lucero

The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass


The early autumn air brought a cool breeze to the day. Soon the pumpkin harvest begins. The farm bustled with life as the farmhands prepared for the harvest. Sean was busy hitching the horse to the wagon while Greg gathered their tools for the day.

"Feels like only another day or two before they are ready. I can't wait for the work." Greg said as he loaded the tools on the wagon. Once they got on the wagon they headed to the fields.

The day started easy as they walked the fields checking the pumpkins. They picked any noticeably bad ones then loaded them onto the wagon. The ones left on the vines give them the more time.

As the day wore on Sean and Greg cleaned the fields. The sun was setting when they heard the dinner bell. After unhitching the horse and putting the tools away they entered the house to eat. They talked of the harvest at dinner.

"You two lads ready for the festival?"

Sean finished chewing before answering. "Yes. I saved my money to buy a new outfit for the festival."

"Me too. If you don't mind sir we would like to go to town some time tomorrow." Greg added.

Cid leaned back in his chair. "I think we could take a day to relax before the harvest. I have to go into town to get feed for the horses. However," he waved his finger at them "… no more mischief. I'm still paying for the prank you two did on the baker."

The two grinned before they both replied "Yes Sir!" They went back to their meal. After dinner the boys went out to the building used by the farmhands.

The building was about ten yards from the main house. Painted tan with white trim to match the main house it was the rest house for the farmhands. With three bedrooms containing two dressers and a bunk bed in each one

Housing up to six workers for the farm. Unfortunately last year's harvest was so bad that Cid could only afford to hire Sean and Greg.

Since they were the only ones they had the whole building to themselves. The disadvantage, they had to do all the work. Most nights they stayed up talking or playing a game of cards.

They changed into their nightclothes before climbing into their bunks. "Sean, are you hoping Mary asks you to the festival? You know she fancies you?"

They talked about the festival late into the night. Within moments they were fast asleep.

The next morning they were ready before the sun. The excitement of going to town made them move quickly through their morning work. By breakfast time they were more than ready to go to town. As they ate Cid had hitched the horse to the wagon waiting for them to finish. "Now lads, remember what I said last night, no mischief today."

They both looked up at him. "Yes Sir!" They both smiled as they climbed up onto the wagon. The ride into town took less than a quarter hour. The town was busy as people hurried about with their business.

The town was decorated for the coming harvest and festival. Banners hung between shops. Dressmakers showed their finest clothes in their windows. The bakers started making their special breads. The street was alive with the harvest colors of orange, red and yellow.

Cid brought the wagon to a halt at the general store. "Ok lads off you go. Meet me back here after lunch. That gives you enough time to get what you need. We'll go back to prepare to harvest tomorrow."

They nodded before running off to the dressmakers. They had reached the door when a couple of girls giggled as they walked by. They looked at them noticing it was Mary and her friend Simone.

"Hiya ladies" Greg said with a grin. "How are you two doing?"

"Good. We just finished with the dressmakers. Hope to see you both at the festival." It was Simone that spoke first. Mary looked shyly at Sean twisting her fingers. Simone looked at Greg, "Would you like to go with me."

"I would love to."

Simone looked at Mary waiting for her to say something. After a few seconds she elbowed Mary who then looked at Sean. "Sean, would you like to go to the festival with me?"

"I would love to. I can't wait to meet you there." The girls walked off giggling while the boys walked into the shop.

After an hour they both had new clothes while Sean bought a new hat. Talking with some friends before the sweets shop then to the cookhouse for lunch. Beef stew with cheese and bread was served. Since they were too young for drinking the waitress brought them water.

They had two helpings of the stew, paid for their meals then met Cid at the general store. Once they arrived back at the farm they ran to the swimming pond. It would the last good day before the cooler autumn air would set in.

The next morning after breakfast and morning work Sean, Greg and Cid hitched up the four horses with a wagon and headed out to the field. With three acres of pumpkins to harvest it would take them about three days. From sunrise to sunset they worked hard.

Every night ended with them falling into their beds falling to sleep before they knew it. By the end of the week the excitement of the festival hit them.