Erik Kristofer Lucero

The Keeper's First Book

The Keeper's First Book


From the creation of our world, magick has swelled throughout the land. Flowing through all living beings it binds the world together. From the animals, to the plants, to the very planet itself.

Though all creatures possess magick, only a few have the ability to reach it, to use and manipulate it for their needs. We tamed the wilderness. We realized that it could be tapped. That it could be used for wonderful and dangerous things. For preservation of life, as well as destruction. We have built our society on that idea. We have fought to control it and those who have the power to use magick.

We have built academies to discover, train, and work with magick. As the cities grew so did the academies. When a person was discovered to use magick they were placed into the nearest academy and trained until their natural talent is released. They trained most their life to use their talents to better mankind. They are the Keepers.

First Council of Keepers,