Erik Kristofer Lucero

The Goddess Trials

The Goddess Trials

Chapter One

Her bare feet slipped over the grass as she wondered the meadow trying to feel the magick flowing from it. Her blue robes flapping while her wings flutter with the breeze. A ring of daisies circles her midnight black hair. Eyes like the clouds during a summer storm scanning the horizon as she felt a rumble.

She looked as the sky darkens in the distance while night began to fall. Though she knew the sun was going down, the darkness she felt was not caused by the night sky. Something in the air tingled along her skin. A feeling that someone or something was preforming dangerous and dark magick. She closed her eyes trying to sense the reason. To the west, there was a strange tug that confused her as to what it was. Pressing her hands together she concentrated quietly on that pull.

A scream shot out into the evening sky. Opening her eyes she realized it was herself that she heard. Trying to regain the vision she stared into the distance. Her hands shook as she shivered with fear. The land cried for her but she had to disconnect with it. Pulling shoes out of a pouch attach to her belt she slipped them on as she felt the pull lessen. Taking one last look westward she signed before she closed her eyes. What she felt and what she saw in her vision disturbed her. What it could mean scared her more.

As she unfurled her wings she began to flap them and rose into the air. Scanning the horizon she found the direction the source of the darkness was coming from.

"I'll go and check this out then report back to mother. Hopefully, this is just is nothing more than an uneasiness." Launching herself toward the dark feelings she flew as fast as she could. She flew for several mile until she saw an unnatural smoke coming from an open field. A bonfire rose high into the sky giving her a warning. She back winged to slow her decent as she landed softly. Noticing several bushes nearby, she slowly moved behind them to watch.

The bonfire danced in the waning sunlight. The circle drawn in the sand around it freshly done. The cool air of the coming night settling over the land. A hooded figure stood on the north point at the edge of the circle facing into it. The book in is hand opened midway.

"I, Kolmar, a follower of the dark ways. Have come to this place and time to call upon the Master of Darkness. Hear my words." The man began to walk counterclockwise on the outside of the circle. "I open this circle to the realm of evil. I consecrate this land to give to the Master of Darkness."

As he finished walking the circle the fire blazed higher into the sky. "With the elements of nature, I bring you back into the world. Come Master of Darkness. Show the world your true power. Bring the world under your control as it was centuries ago. Come to us Morloke, Master of Darkness." The fire danced higher into the sky as it blazed brightly then turned black as a loud laugh came from it.

Hiding behind a bush she had to cover her mouth to keep from gasping too loud as she saw a creature floating above the dwindling fire. Once it floated down to the ground she got a better look at it. Red skin glistens in the light of the fire. Two spiral horns pultruded from its head just above its ears. Its hand ended in talons while its feet, though human like, were daemon. As it steps onto the grass a hooded figure brought up a robe for it. As it turned away from the fire she could see it more clearly.

"It can't be." She whispered. She knew this creature from the stories her mother used to tell her and her sisters.

"My daughters, in all the realms you will wonder never forget what I am to tell you. Centuries ago we, the Eternal Ones, fought a 'Great War' against a foul creature known as Morloke. When he grew to power he brought darkness across the land. For nearly three hundred years we battled him to diminish his power. Many lives were lost both human and Eternal Ones. The Great Forest King found a spell to destroy Morloke so we made our final attack." She sighed. "It was that battle that your father was wounded. We pushed Morloke back to the Kaldrum Mountains. After gathering all our energies we preformed the spell only to banish him instead of destroying him. Now I tell you this to warn you. We must always watch for signs of his return and hope it never comes."

"It will be a great day when I destroy the Eternal Ones and take control of the realms. I will watch them kneel at my feet before killing them all…"He turned toward her. "And I'll start with this one." A flick of his hand brought her flying forward landing at his feet. Just as she started to get up he stepped on her holding her down onto her back. "Well, well, well, we have a little Goddess here." He pressed down harder. "Come to stop me. As you can see you are too late. The Eternal Ones made a mistake trying to imprison me."

"You are right about that. We were trying to destroy you."

He tilted his head back and laughed. "You think your pathetic powers can harm me. It would take more power than you possess to finish what they started. Hell, it would take more power than any of you possess to stop me. But I will spare your life if you choose to be my bride. Together we can rule the realms." Then he grinned.

She spits at him. "I will never be your bride. I would rather die."

He laughed again "That can be arranged. I'll kill you and leave your corpse for all to see than the realms will know that I, Morloke, am back to reclaim what is rightfully mine." He pushed his foot into her throat causing her to struggle for breath. Grabbing his foot she poured her power into her hands forming heat. Growling he jumped back allowing her to get to her feet.

"You may kill me, but you will never control the realms again. We will fight until the last."

"I'm counting on it." She shot a lightning bolt at him. He stumbled back while she shot another bolt. He swatted it away as she shot another. With each lightning bolt she shot at him, he swatted it away with little effort. Then next one he hit back toward her slamming it into her chest causing her to flay back. He was on top of her before she could move.

"A nice exercise but now I'm through with you. I will enjoy taking your life." He said with a grin while standing over her. He grabbed her wrists in one hand and placed the other on her chest. It began to tighten as she could tell he was drawing her magick from her. She tried to shift her magick away from him. His grin told her she was losing this battle of wills.

She tried to shift to the Eternal realm. The look in his eyes proved he could feel her trying to shift as her magick was draining into him faster. Nearly drained of magick she closed her eyes and forced the shift to the other realm. Their powers collided in a bright flash of light. As the light disappeared she was gone and he stood there laughing.

"That's the end of her. Now it is time to gather our forces. Call upon the chiefs and bring them to me."

"Yes, Master," Kolmar said. He began walking away when he turned back. "Master, the bog horrors have closed their territories to all. How shall I reach them?" Morloke gripped his hand then there was a burning sensation. As Morloke released his hand a coiled serpent shaped scare appeared on top of it.

"All who see your hand will know I have returned."