Erik Kristofer Lucero


(A Magick War Story)


Chapter One

Dreg. The most corrupt city in the realm is also the best city to find information on anything you wanted. For a thief or treasure hunter it was the city to go to. Though most thieves were good with their skills, even they had to watch themselves. Anyone can still pick your pocket or slit your throat without you knowing.

Loroke walked through the market watching the people. As he slowly walked along the buildings he had a feeling of being followed. Careful not to alert anyone he made his way to an ally. Just as he reached it he slipped in and grabbed his dagger. Hiding in a dark corner he waited for the person to enter. With a quick step he pinned the man against the wall with his dagger at the man's throat.

"Next time you sneak up on someone make sure they are not a thief. Now who are you and why are you following me?" He pushed the dagger closer to his throat.

"I was paid to shadow you. There are some important men in this city who want to know why you are here. Now let me go or you will pay."

Loroke chuckled. "You think they'll miss a rat like you. They could find you in the river and not care. They'll just think that either you got the wrong target or you did something stupid which you did. Now I'm going to do something I just about never do. I'm letting you go and you will deliver a message for me. Tell them I am not here to mess with their business and they can leave mine alone. You also let them know the next idiot they send after me will not be as lucky as you."

He pulled his dagger back and let him go. The man slowly backed out of the ally before running off the way they came. Loroke grinned as he slipped his dagger back into its sheath. Shaking his head he stepped out continuing to find an inn. He wanted to finish his business and leave this city.

As he walked into the inn the smell of cooked meat and stale lager wafted from the kitchen and bar. Selecting a table in the back corner allowed him to see the whole room; he signaled the barmaid. Ordering a pint of lager he waited. After two pints a richly dressed man walked into the inn and looked around. Once he saw Loroke in the corner he headed toward the table.

"You are a hard man to find. Why did you pick this place?" The man asked as he sat down. Loroke looked over the room to see if anyone was watching them. Satisfied that no one was he looked at the man.

"Because enough business men stop here for a drink so no one would wonder why you are here and leave us alone. So Kelvain," He looked at the barmaid and called her over, "You want a pint?"

"Sure. One pint please." Kelvain said. "I'll take another" Loroke said quickly as she went to the bar. "So what information do you have for me?"

Kelvain took a drink. "There is a rumor about an underground resistance to the Magick Law."

Loroke rolled his eyes. "Everyone knows about that."

"True but do they know about this." He slid a small piece of paper to Loroke. Picking it up; he carefully read the words. A young female witch will bring the witches back to power. She will bare herself to the world as she renews her love for the Lord and Lady. He looked at Kelvain who was grinning.

"Is this true? Is there hope of bring back the days of magick?"

"There is an underground movement that has been opposing The Order for generations. Little is known about them but they fight for magick whenever they can. They are so secretive that no one knows who the leader is or at least they won't tell. The King and The Order have been searching for them for years." He leaned in closer bringing his voice to a whisper. Loroke leaned in to hear him. "I have a meeting with a man who knows the leader of the group. I have not met him but I have helped the cause a few times"

Returning to sitting upright. "Do you think I could join you? I would love to meet these people. Anyone against The Order and Witch Hunters would be the greatest allies."

Kelvain nodded. "Come to my shop tomorrow around noon time. My wife will cover me and we'll head to the meeting place." Loroke nodded as he finished his lager. They chatted a few more minutes before Kelvain got up to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Loroke waved him off and watched as Kelvain left the inn. He stood up, grabbed his pack and placed some coppers on the table before walking over to the barkeep. "Do you have a room for the night?"

The barkeep looked up at him before answering. "Five silver a night." Loroke dug into his coin pouch and pulled out fifteen silver and placed them on the bar.

"Two nights and if someone asks; you never saw me. If I'm not bothered I'll leave another five silver when I leave." He smiles as the barkeep looked down with wide eyes before nodding.

He pulled a key from under the bar, "Room 2 upstairs Sir." The barkeep went back to work as Loroke picked up the key before heading for the stairs. Entering the room he looked around. It was a little room with just a bed and little table. Locking the door he slid his pack into the table before falling into the bed. Within seconds he fell asleep.