Erik Kristofer Lucero

The Keeper's First Book

Last of the Dragon Age


For thousands of years dragons ruled the skies of Kelish. Their will was law as they kept peace throughout the lands. They treated all with respect and were just with law. For all of the animals were safe with them.

Then the Great Mother brought mankind into the world. Different than the other creatures of Kelish, men walked on two legs, formed many communities, and created war. As their communities grew the lands were split and animals were tamed or hunted. When they discovered that dragonkind would not be tamed they declared war.

The Dragon Wars tested mankind's strength and nearly destroyed the land. In less than a few hundred years the dragons were all but extinct. Man's societies grew as dragons were killed. The once great keepers of Kelish became no more. There were only a handful of dragons left as they went into hiding. Until the kings knew the dragons were gone they would hunt them leaving none alive.

In the icy caves of Dragor Mountains lies a lone egg in a nest of burning wood. Guarding the cave entrance was the last of the mountain dragons. Standing taller than homes of men its red scales glow dark with the light from the nest. Its yellow eyes scanning the horizon for any armies.

Glancing back at the egg. "We are the last my precious. The last water dragon fell to man's armies yesterday." Hearing noise she turned her head, though they were miles away she could see a group of men marching up the mountain. Moving into the cave she picked up her egg in her mouth. Moving deeper into the cave she placed the egg in an hidden antechamber. Not making a fire to keep it heated was a risk, but she needed to keep her egg safe from the men. She returned to the mouth of the cave to guard her egg.

The egg twitched and wiggled. There was a knocking coming from inside the shell. Within seconds a crack formed along the top of the egg. Not long then the baby dragon punched through the shell. Black as the night sky with streaks of purple it scales shimmered as it slowly moved around the antechamber. It spread it wings to dry them in the warm humid air of the cave. Its tail came to a point making it just as deadly as the dragon itself. Slowly it walked out of the antechamber into the main area of the cave.

Lying in the middle of the cave were several men as well as its mother. Stumbling over to her body it started to cry. "Mother." The baby nudged her head. Barely moving her head. "My baby. Words cannot express the joy I feel. There is a time honored tradition of the naming ceremony. Though I can no longer preform it I will name you…Sashel. You are the last of our kind." Touching her forehead to his, he could sense her mind entering his. "A magick old as time allows you to hear my thoughts and see my memories, I leave you the history of our kind before all is lost." He saw the images of dragonkind through the ages. He heard stories of their past. He could smell and feel what they have. The history though long only took minutes to pass.

"Our way of life is yours to protect. There is one clue to help you. 'Life starts with you and man.' If the great mother is kind she will help you find a way to bring our kind back. Now go my son before the mankind comes back. Leave the caves and never return. As our old ones would say 'The journey is far from over as long as I am in your heart.' Remember I am always with you." Her head dropped before her body disappeared.

Using his senses he could not see or smell any men on the mountains. When he could tell there were no more men he look back at were his mother was. "I will find a way to bring our kind back." Running out of the cave Sashel leapt into the air once out in the snow. Spreading his wing he took flight.