Erik Kristofer Lucero

Heroes of the Prophecy

"Five come to fight for all"
"Five will heal the land"
"Five will defend honor"
"Five will bear the mark"

Heroes of the Prophecy


The cold damp room felt like it was going for miles. The high cave-like ceiling gave an ominous feel. The Hall of Prophecies. Throughout the time of man, prophecies have helped shape the societies. They brought peace, war, triumph, misfortune, and everything that life wills. The knowledge of the wise ones lost to time. No one understood who they were and how they came to be.

For centuries man fought one another as Kings tried to keep the peace. The people fought for food, land or their own lives. The Kingdom of Rajem built so long ago there is little information of the first court.

King Maycer walked through the hall looking for the one prophecy that will help him to bring peace back to the kingdom. More than 2000 years since the first war with the Warlocks, ended with them pushed back to their lands; the kingdom found peace. Many believed the Warlocks had all died; others believed they decided to leave the kingdom alone. Now they slowly attack the cities.

He walked down the hall ready to give up when he saw the only prophecy setting by itself. The prophecies where stored in glass spheres laminated with an inner fire. As he picked it up, a bright light emanated from the sphere lighting up the whole hall. A deep voice rumbled through the hall.

"When days are dark and all hope lost they will come. Five come to fight for all. Five will heal the land. Five will defend honor. Five will bear the mark. For the Goddesses have chosen them. The war will end freeing the people."

As the light from the sphere dimmed, King Maycer put it down. He hoped the prophecy would soon come true, as he knew that he could no longer fight the Warlocks to bring peace back to the kingdom.