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Life to Me

(Republished with added poems)

Poetry comes naturally to Erik. When he started writing poems that popped into his head, he just put them in a folder. Now he has collected all his works for the world to read. From romantic to philosophical, everyday life to religion, whatever came into his mind he wrote down, and now you can read them. Words - you use them to communicate; he uses them to express his view of the world.

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The Goddess Trials

Centuries ago the Master of Darkness, Morloke ruled all of the realms. The guardians of the realms, The Eternal Ones, fought to send him to a prison realm. Upon his release, Goddess Taloni confronts him and loses her powers. Now she must face the Goddess Trials to regain them. With Kristof's help she will travel the realms to solve puzzles, fight her fears, and learn what it means to be an Eternal One. If she fails, her realm will fall to the Master of Darkness once again. Through strength, courage, and love she must survive the Trials and restore her powers, or lose those she loves forever.

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The Keeper's First Book

Friends since before the academy, Tamar and Katina could always count on getting into mischief. After over-hearing the Academy council, they learn there is more to being a Keeper then learning to control magick. Given the job of researching magickal objects they discover the first clue to finding the greatest magickal object, The Keeper's First Book. Yet deep in the mines of Kablore, "The Evil One" escapes its imprisonment bent on returning to power. As Tamar and Katina set off on a new adventure to find the book, "The Evil One" regains its strength. Now they must find the book quickly for it is the only what to stop the greatest evil of their world. With time running out, their only guide a river rider, they most find it before everyone they love is gone.

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